Our Philosophy

Your busy life demands a lot from you. You’re a 9-to-5 warrior and a 5-to-9 mom of the year; a dedicated small business owner and an outdoor adventure-seeker; a stay-at-home dad and a CrossFit stud. You play many roles, and you play them well. Prep’d believes that those busy, stressful, exciting and fulfilling lives deserve food that’s equally fulfilling – in flavor, nutrition and convenience. It’s time to give yourself the nutrition you deserve to keep fueling your busy life.

Prep'd Blog

Our meal delivery service will get your body #PrepdForSuccess. Our blog will help with the rest. Get nutrition tips, life prep, and all the ingredients you need to succeed in your busy life.

05 Dec 2017

Healing with Nature: Essential Oils and Your Health

Healing with Nature: Essential Oils and Your Health Essential oils have become somewhat mainstream in the past few years, some people love them, some hate them, and most have no
16 Nov 2017

The Aftermath: Top Recipes and Storage Tips for Thanksgiving Leftovers

The holiday seasons are upon us, which means families are spending more time together, parties are thrown, and way too much food is cooking for the extended family. Which leaves
07 Nov 2017

Mindfulness: The Secret Weapon To Your Success

You’re probably wondering what mindfulness is and how it can be helpful to you; well, let us explain! Being mindful of yourself, your environment, and what you eat implies that