Meet the Young CEO Transforming how you Eat at Home and in the Workplace

Meet Taylor Moore the founder and CEO of Prep’d, a food delivery service that caters to the needs of the South Bay area. Taylor is a passionate young woman who grew up in Redondo Beach and then returned to the South Bay area after playing Division 1 volleyball on the East coast.

After graduation, Taylor began a new journey utilizing her marketing degree in the corporate world. It’s at this time she noticed a lack of healthy meal options for employees. She came to the realization that the workforce is littered with vending machines jam-packed with potato chips, candy bars, soda and other unhealthy choices.

Inspiration to Start a Business

Taylor tells us, “While working in corporate, I saw a very clear need for better access to healthy food and decided to create a platform that would help provide this to the hard-working, busy, ambitious, goal-oriented people here in our community and all of L.A.” That is how the company Prep’d got its start!

It’s at that time Taylor took a leap of faith and began her search for the perfect commercial kitchen space. She hired a chef to help create and prepare what is now Prep’d’s weekly meal plan and put her plan into motion. As her business gained ground and began to take off, Taylor also hired multiple sous-chefs and delivery drivers to help catapult the business forward.

These successes didn’t come without pitfalls though. Taylor shares with us that “…early on in the Prep’d lifecycle, I didn’t have a clear understanding of our logistics when it came to our delivery operation. As a result, I was woefully unprepared when we had our first exciting influx of new customers: I had miscalculated the number of drivers we needed! As a result, I fielded several frantic phone calls from our amazing delivery fleet at 3 a.m. I ended up personally doing our overnight deliveries for a few weeks while we hired and trained our staff.”

Now, Prep’d produce and delivers approximately 1000 meals and snacks each week, and that is a number that continues to grow!

Taylor’s Advice for Others

If you have been contemplating starting a business or just making more time for you, Taylor’s advice is to, “prioritize your time according to what you find fulfilling! Whether that involves spending time with your family, growing your own business, focusing on your fitness, or cooking healthy farmers market-fresh meals every day.”

In an attempt to stay true to these words, this super busy CEO is doing just that, enjoying a work/life balance! In her spare time,Taylor enjoys walking or running with her dog in the South Bay area, painting, or spending time with her family. Moore shares, “ I’m lucky that they’re all local, which is fun.”

As the last tidbit of advice, Taylor shares with us the biggest challenged she’s faced while running her health conscious company. “I think the biggest challenge is learning how to avoid comparison. Sure, there are times when it’s worth evaluating other businesses or other methods to learn from their successes and failures. But when it comes to comparing your endeavors or goals with someone else’s, no good comes from it! Everyone’s personal and professional journey is different, and I’ve learned to trust my own process along the way.”

Join the Prep’d Community

If you’re like Taylor and recognize that you’re too busy to prepare meals, run a household, chauffeur your children from sport to sport and then find time for yourself, you should consider joining the Prep’d Community. It’s simple; you choose the gluten-free, locally sourced meals that appeal to you and wait for your delivery days. Your meals will be at your doorstep by 7:00AM on Monday and/or Thursday mornings!

Maybe you’re not interested in deliveries to your home, but would love to eat healthy in the workplace, or perhaps you are a CEO or company manager yourself. Consider treating your team to a meal cooked by Prep’d. Whether it’s a holiday luncheon, staff meeting, or an average day, Prep’d will be happy to accommodate you. Visit their website or call 424-241-0208 for more information.  

As for Taylor, you can find her ordering her meals from Prep’d; including some her favorites: the new Beast Coast Burger, Thai Meatballs, or the delicious homemade peanut sauce coupled with a slightly spicy veggie salad. After all, even CEO’s have to eat!


Taylor is the founder and CEO of Prep'd.

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