Mindfulness: The Secret Weapon To Your Success

You’re probably wondering what mindfulness is and how it can be helpful to you; well, let us explain! Being mindful of yourself, your environment, and what you eat implies that you’re cognizant or fully aware of those things. Think: Where am I, is it safe? How do I feel? Will this meal help me reach my fitness goals? Or, maybe you’d like to remove those thoughts all together and just feel the oxygen flow through your body as you inhale deeply. Whatever it is you choose, tapping into what you’re doing and how you’re feeling will allow you to make educated and well-informed decisions throughout all aspects of life. Sounds great, right?

How to Practice Mindfulness

Being mindful doesn’t have to happen on a regimented schedule, and it doesn’t require a membership or specific tools, which is why mindfulness is easy to achieve. All you need is as little as five or ten minutes for quality you time. The easiest way to start clearing your head is to remove all environmental distractions (yes, this means your phone too) and turn off the lights in your home or office. Next, find a comfy space to relax and set a timer for as long as you’d like; practicing mindfulness can happen in as little as five minutes. Lastly, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Inhale and exhale until you feel your muscles relax, shoulders drop and your mind slowly escaping everyday stresses. Focus on how your body feels, the smells around you and how soft the couch is. Deep breathing/meditation is just one of the many ways to practice mindfulness.

Mindful eating has become quite common in the health world. Eating mindfully does not only mean you’re thinking about the food choices you make but enjoying the tastes and textures bite by bite to enhance your eating experience. We live in a world where mindless eating junk food at our desks as we type emails and answer phone calls is the norm. Mindful eating makes you step away from those stressful things to enjoy your meal!

A Clear Mind is a Better You

If you are a tech lover, browse your applications for a free or low cost tool to help you practice mindfulness. Apps like Headspace, In the Moment, and Calm can help you with tracking your mindfulness by setting a timer, or others may prefer friendly reminders to take a break from a hectic schedule once or a twice a day to get grounded again. However you do it, make sure that it is done as often as possible.  

Research shows that being mindful can help reduce stress, improve sleep, lower blood pressure and treat heart disease! Mindfulness is a whole body experience, one that allows you to confront your feelings, thoughts, and misconceptions without judgement while feeling relaxed and in control. By improving your physical, mental, and emotional health through mindfulness, you can become more efficient in the workplace and lead a happier and healthier life at home. Start practicing mindfulness today; you won’t regret it!