Our Food

Who said eating healthy has to be boring?

We’d like to introduce whoever it was to our menu. We love delicious, flavorful, finger-licking, can’t-have-just-one kind of food, and we bet you do, too. We also want to make sure you’re around a very long time so you can keep enjoying the finer things in life. That’s why our meals do it all – satiate your cravings AND give your body the nutrition it needs to be healthy, happy and satisfied.

Basic nutrition…

Our meals and snacks are designed on the foundational principles of basic, everyday, good nutrition. Prep’d meals are chock-full of colorful vegetables, nutritious complex carbs and lean protein. Our snacks contain healthy fats and more lean protein to help fuel your day between meals.


…with not-so-basic flavor.

Food is fuel, but it’s also meant to be enjoyed! Prep’d meals and snacks are full of the nutrition your body needs, and the flavors you’ll love. Plus, we’re always expanding our repertoire with exciting new recipes from both our talented chefs and our clients. Check out our menu, or send us a new recipe to try.

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